HP48/49 Bode Diagram

This project provides an implementation of a Bode diagram analysis of transfer functions on the HP48/49 handheld calculator.


  • Detailed analysis of all zeros and poles of the given transfer function.
  • Construction of the multiplied and the factored form of the transfer function.
  • Graphical output of a linear approximation and the smooth characteristic of gain and phase.
  • Axes of graphs labeled in powers of ten (frequency ), decibel (gain) und radiants (phase).
  • Arbitrary dimension of the analysis protocol through organization in text pages and scrollable graphical pages.
  • Easily understandable input format.
  • High execution speed, depending on the function to be analysed between 25 and 30 seconds (SX) or 15 and 20 seconds (GX)
  • Preservation of the last calculated data, which can be recalled at any time.
  • Special menu entry for multiplying and factoring a polynomial.


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