HP48/49 - BODE v2.31sg


  • Detailed analysis of all zeros and poles of the given transfer function.
  • Construction of the multiplied and the factored form of the transfer function.
  • Graphical output of a linear approximation and the smooth characteristic of gain and phase.
  • Axes of graphs labeled in powers of ten (frequency ), decibel (gain) und radiants (phase).
  • Arbitrary dimension of the analysis protocol through organization in text pages and scrollable graphical pages.
  • Easily understandable input format.
  • High execution speed, depending on the function to be analysed between 25 and 30 seconds (SX) or 15 and 20 seconds (GX)
  • Preservation of the last calculated data, which can be recalled at any time.
  • Special menu entry for multiplying and factoring a polynomial.

Da ich dieses Projekt vor langer Zeit (1995) abgeschlossen habe, wird es leider keine weiteren Entwicklungen geben. Trotzdem darfst du mir natürlich ein Email schicken, wenn du das Tool nützlich findest.


Bode v2.31sg für HP48 (S/G/SX/GX)
Bode v2.31sg for HP49 (angepasst durch Alain Robillard)
Detailierte Dokumentation (PDF)
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