The installation consists of three separate components:

  1. Linphone >=1.7.1 providing the VoIP functionality.
    It can be downloaded from this website .
  2. Yealink kernel module for accessing the handset.
    An older version of this driver is shipped with the standard linux kernel, an improved version is available here.
  3. Yeaphone to connect the above components.
How to install yeaphone on various systems is described below.

Distribution-Specific Packages

Openembedded (eg. for NSLU2)

BitBake files for the cross-compile environment

For developers with a working cross-compile environment the BitBake files are provided for compiling Linphone and Yeaphone.

BitBake files for Yeaphone 0.1.8
BitBake files for Linphone 2.1.1

Ubuntu 8.x

  1. Install the following packages using the Synaptic Packet Manager:
    linphone (or linphone-nox) and liblinphone2-dev
  2. Download the yeaphone sources from the (see top of this page)
  3. Unpack the yeaphone sources:
    tar zxvf yeaphone-0.1.8.tar.gz
  4. Build the yeaphone binary:
    cd yeaphone-0.1.8 ./configure --prefix=/usr make
  5. If you wish, install the binary:
    sudo make install

Other GNU/Linux Systems

For other Linux systems the source code has to be compiled, see below.

Source Code

The latest source code can be

In addition there is a tar-ball available for each release:

Source code for Yeaphone 0.1.8
Linphone Patches (only for Linphone 2.1.1)
The author does not take any responsibility for problems and damage arising by installing or using this software, use it at your own risk.