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The following projects are presented here:

Mozilla Add-ons

Description: The CheckYesss Mozilla/Firefox Extension displays the current credit of your YESSS! Prepaid phone in the status line of the Mozilla/Firefox/Seamonkey browser.
Other Features: Download the call details, quick link into the 'Kontomanager', ...
Description: These are beta versions of the well-known CheckYesss Extension, which already provide some additional features.
Description: A simple extension showing the tracks currently aired on FM4 and allowing to easily search for these tracks on platforms like FM4 Soundpark, Amazon, LastFM,...

Yahoo Widgets

Description: For all Microsoft Windows and OS-X users without Mozilla/Firefox there is a Yahoo Widget, which display the current credit of YESSS! Prepaid phone on your desktop. Currently no call details can be downloaded.

Voice-Over-IP (VoIP)

Description: This project presents a user frontend for the VoIP software Linphone which provides a comfortable user interface to the USB handset Yealink USB-P1K. It can operate on a regular PC as well as on eg. a Linksys NSLU2.

NSLU2 Tools

Description: A small tool for reading key presses from the event interface of the Linux kernel.


Description: The BODE Plotter for the HP48/49 analyzes the provided function, shows its zeros and poles and draws the Bode diagram.
Description: This DSP plugin for the kxProject driver implements a state variable filter providing nice sound effects.
Description: Transcriptions for piano of various songs.